Axios / The Associated Press Leonardo da Vincis’ nude painting titled “The Madonna and Child” is on view at the Museum of Modern Art in a rare exhibition.

The painting, titled “Porphyrias,” was first exhibited in 1618 at the Salon de l’Art de Paris in Paris and became one of the most famous paintings in the world.

The Metropolitan Museum is also opening a new exhibition of Leonardo daVincis works titled “L’Aquarius: Leonardo da Capri.”

The Metropolitan’s Pablo Picasso-inspired “L” is a Latin phrase that means “the one.”

The title “The Lady of the Lake” is an Italian term for a river, according to the museum.

The portrait was commissioned by Leonardo daCapri and painted on the side of a lake in Venice, Italy.

The artist’s wife, Francesco da Caprio, painted the portrait and also made a nude portrait of the woman in the painting, according a museum statement.

Leonardo also commissioned another painting called “The Passion of Christ” to be exhibited at the museum, which is known for its Renaissance art collection.