Posted March 10, 2019 06:16:08In a bid to clear up a number of questions and provide a clearer understanding of the Axios article glitch, Axios’ chief technology officer Brian Kolli has shared his personal experience with the glitch, which he says was first noticed by one of his colleagues last week.

He says he was at a party in San Francisco last week when the article glitch began to manifest in his inbox and he began seeing “no traffic.”

The Axios team has since been working with a team from Twitter, Facebook, and Google to track down the source of the glitch.

“As soon as I saw the story, I immediately realized it was a bug in the system,” Kollis says.

“The data I was seeing wasn’t valid.

I then went and tried to replicate the problem, and the result was, basically, that the data was not being saved.”

Kolli says he initially didn’t want to comment on the situation, but when he received the email informing him of the issue, he wrote back, “Please let me know if I can help you out.”

The issue has now been resolved and the Axias team has begun to update their reporting software.

But it has also forced Axios to re-evaluate how they report on stories and what they post.

Kollis tells us that the team is working with Axios CEO Mike Isaacson to identify the source, and he says the company is “working with the social network to try and mitigate any issues that may have been triggered by this glitch.”

In the meantime, Axias readers can still enjoy their Axios story for free, but Kollias says the team will be looking for ways to improve their reporting, and that he is “really excited to have people who care about their business and their readers who care.”

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