29, 2018, 6:05:06When Donald Trump won the presidency, his supporters in the battleground state of Pennsylvania held their breath.

But they soon got a break.

For the next year, the Trump administration was busy tearing down the nation’s most famous monument to freedom and equality.

But the president’s own supporters didn’t give up.

They kept trying to make the country a better place for themselves and their families.

They were determined to preserve the values of the republic, said Matt Schulte, a 52-year-old retired truck driver who has lived in the Philadelphia suburbs for the past 15 years.

“I am a free man and a free citizen,” he said.

“We don�t believe in politics, and we don�nt believe in government.

On Nov. 8, the Republican president, a billionaire, defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is one of the most prominent Democrats in the United States.”

I think we need to go back to the roots of this country and that�s what this country is all about.”

On Nov. 8, the Republican president, a billionaire, defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is one of the most prominent Democrats in the United States.

The outcome was a blow to a movement that has grown in popularity in the years since the election.

It has fueled the growth of the Republican Party and inspired a number of anti-government, anti-immigrant, anti-“political correctness” and anti-establishment candidates to run for office.

The Republican Party now controls both chambers of Congress, the presidency and two governorships.

The movement has helped propel the president to the White House and led to several bills that would restrict the power of the federal government.

Trump supporters also helped push the Republican agenda through state legislatures across the country.

“He (Trump) has taken the country in a very radical direction, and I don�s think that has ever happened before,” said Bob Guevara, who has worked in the auto industry in Pennsylvania for years.

Guevada, a 62-year old father of four, says his son was a Trump supporter.

“It’s not just that he loves this president, he loves his boss.

He loves his city.

He’s very, very proud of the country he grew up in.

It�s a very special place,” Gueuva said.

But he said the president has failed to deliver on his promises to the working class and the poor.

“The people of Pennsylvania don�ts believe in him. They don�ll believe in what he�s going to do,” Guesa said. “They don� t believe in his ideas.

They are not on board with him.

And he�ll be the first president to lose this election.

The country will be in deep trouble.””

I think this is going to cost us in the long run,” said Joe Mancino, a 63-year, retired teacher who lives in Pennsylvania’s northern suburbs. “And that�ll happen sooner than later.”

Mancino said he believes Trump will be impeached in the coming weeks.

“What we are seeing in the country right now is the emergence of these populists and the Tea Party,” he added.

“The people who are getting involved with these groups are going to be the ones that elect Trump.

The people who don�T like Trump are going in and voting for him.

That�s the only way that things will work out.”

In the weeks ahead, the movement is expected to push for more anti-poverty, gun control and immigration legislation.

Trump is expected in Pennsylvania next month to visit a military base in Pennsylvania that was once home to the United Mine Workers.

And Trump is expected on Nov. 24 to visit an auto plant that once employed 3,000 people and once employed more than 800.

“All these companies are going out of business because the workers can’t keep up,” said Mancinos son, Bob.

“It�s just a matter of time.

I�m not sure when it�ll stop, but I�ve heard it will happen sooner rather than later.”

We�re not going back.””

So we are going back to what we were doing before.

We�re not going back.”

Follow John F. Turcotte on Twitter: @jfmurcotte

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