When Walmart was in the midst of a paint renaissance, it seemed like it was going to take all the best colors in the store and combine them into one paint brand.

Instead, it’s brought back a paint department that feels as fresh as the day it opened.

Walmart says it’s a more diverse palette than it used to be, but its paint department is still largely made up of the same old palettes.

For example, if you’re looking for a deep purple, you’ll find it in the color palette of a store near you.

There’s also a new paint-stripper for the paintbrush that’s going to make it easier for customers to get a paint job.

It’s also going to be available at some other Walmart locations, like the ones in Atlanta, but you’ll have to wait for those.

The paint stripper is coming to other stores in the coming weeks, but it’s only in the palettes of some stores in certain cities, like Los Angeles.

A new paint striper for the spray paintbrush is going to come to some other stores soon.

I think it’s very exciting that Walmart is making that change, but we’re still seeing some of the old palette elements.

We’re seeing the old paint strippers and paint stripping and paint mixing and all the other old palets.

The Walmart paint department has been so good at being able to keep those old paletings around, and to keep the colors in good shape.

Theres a lot of potential in the palette, so we’ll see how the paint is looking.

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