When you are in love, paint horses,simple paints.

The Bible says you should paint every day.

But what about the other two commandments, “Do not kill, do not commit adultery, do never steal” and “Love your neighbor as yourself”?

Do these commandments really apply to all people equally?

It’s a controversial question that has become a hot topic among evangelicals, as Christians have become increasingly vocal about gay rights and the gay community.

Here are the basics: The Bible does not say that you should not kill someone.

It doesn’t say that if you are forced to kill someone, you should be punished.

The only time the Bible mentions the killing of someone is in reference to the law of Moses.

However, the law in Leviticus 20:16 clearly states that “the man shall not kill his neighbor.”

Therefore, it seems clear that killing someone is prohibited under both the Old and New Testaments.

So, yes, you may kill someone who is a “savage” or “evil person.”

However, it is not permissible for Christians to kill anyone who is not a “human being.”

And the only punishment that the Bible says can be given to a person who does not commit an act that is murder is to be put to death.

It seems clear from this passage that Christians do not believe that killing is a necessary evil.

And since the Bible doesn’t provide a precise definition of “murder,” the best way to determine whether killing someone constitutes murder is based on the context of the act.

So it seems that killing isn’t the only evil that can be committed under the law.

What does this have to do with art?

Here’s where it gets complicated.

There are two things going on when Christians say that they do not approve of violence.

First, they may mean that they disapprove of violence because it leads to harm to others.

For example, a person may be willing to engage in an act of violence in order to get justice, and then later regret the act and do it over again.

However and again, it’s the individual who makes the choice to engage with violence.

The second thing they may be referring to is art.

If a person paints a painting that depicts a violent act or death, then that person is committing a sin.

It is also possible that the painting is a work of art and is not considered to be a violent or evil work of work.

For instance, if the artist was painting something that had nothing to do a violent, immoral act, then it would not be considered a work.

If the artist had done something that was a “good” act, it would be considered an art work.

But if it was a painting of a violent murder, then the person committing the murder would be committing a capital crime.

So the question is, does the art work?

If the answer is no, then painting of violence is an acceptable act in a Christian context.

However if the answer was yes, then a person committing an act in which the person killed others, or the person who committed the murder used violence to obtain something, is not only a sin, it also violates the Bible.

The First Commandment states, “Thou shalt not murder.”

This is one of the most important and fundamental commandments in the Bible, and the fact that it is the first commandment in the Old Testament that the people were given means that it must be obeyed.

Therefore, if we look at the First Commandments and see what it says, we can conclude that Christians who violate the First and Second Commandments do not do so out of any desire to commit violence.

However Christians who commit acts of violence do so to gain something from their acts of worship, which is to gain some sort of favor from God.

If that is the case, then murder is not okay in a Bible context.

And that means that painting of violent acts is an unacceptable act.

As Christians, we must do more than paint our church or our community into a corner.

As Christian leaders, we have to stand for the Bible’s teachings and preach the Word of God as it relates to life.

The next time you hear someone speak about the importance of painting the walls of your home or the floor of your church, remember that the walls and floors are the place where God’s love shines brightest.

It’s time to make sure that every home is filled with God’s loving presence.

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