A new, gold paint can be bought for about $1,000 and can be applied to almost any painting.

And if you want a real-world example of the gold paint effect, this is what the world’s greatest paint jobs look like.

A gold paint for the world of art.

But what does it actually do?

Gold paint works as a pigment, which means it absorbs light and creates a glow that is much more powerful than ordinary paint.

The gold paint is then applied to the painting surface, which makes it a great source of light.

This means the gold color is a rich, vibrant color, which can be used for anything from paintings to jewelry to car interiors.

The effects of gold paint are very dramatic, and they can be quite striking.

They can add a new, more unique touch to an existing piece of artwork, making it even more beautiful and special.

Here’s a video to explain the effect: