The nation is still reeling from the devastating news that the owners of a small jewelry shop in New York’s Lower East Side are set to sell their business to a large company that has been making jewelry for more than a decade.

The news has sparked protests and anger across the country, with many calling for the store’s owners to be prosecuted and for President Donald Trump to be impeached for his role in the scandal.

The owners of the Jewelers’ Alley store, which is owned by two brothers, have been struggling to survive for years.

They have struggled to keep their business afloat and make enough money to keep the family running.

The brothers have spent years fighting to save their business and are planning to close the shop in a few weeks, according to their attorney, Richard Ladd.

That’s not good for them, said Ladd, who added that the family is hoping to get a loan to pay the bills.

The jewelry shop, located in the Lower East Village neighborhood, had been in operation for about a year when the brothers, both in their early 30s, began receiving threatening phone calls and threatening messages, Ladd said.

The brothers said the threats came from an unknown person who spoke with them through their business phone.

In an effort to stay alive, the brothers have turned to a legal strategy to stay afloat and fight back against the harassment and threats, said attorney Richard Latt.

Ladd said that since the beginning of this year, the business has received more than $150,000 in donations and $1,000 has come in from people willing to provide financial support.

But Ladd stressed that the brothers are not the only ones who have been subjected to harassment and intimidation in the wake of Trump’s election.

The president, who is also the owner of the New York Knicks basketball team, has faced numerous threats from people who have criticized his policies.

Latt said the Trump family is being targeted for being part of a culture of harassment and fear that has permeated our society and that is now at the heart of our political discourse.

Ladsen, a longtime attorney for the Trump brothers, said the family will continue to fight for the safety of its business and employees and for justice.

The president has called for people to be vigilant after the threats of violence were made against the Trump organization, Ladsen said.

Trump has also suggested that the government could seize the shop if the business did not shut down.

Trump has repeatedly called for the Justice Department to pursue the Trump businesses over his election victory.

“I think it’s time that we get to the bottom of this,” Trump told The New York Times last week.

“I want them to find the truth, but I also want them prosecuted.”