A fire on the top floor of the French national emblem’s Eiffels in Paris has destroyed parts of the iconic Parisian landmark, leaving it completely charred.

The blaze broke out at the corner of Rue de l’Or, in the centre of the Parisian city, on Saturday afternoon, according to local news agency AFP.

It began on the sixth floor and was quickly extinguished by a team of firemen and firefighters.

The French capital’s EIFFEL Tower has suffered several fires in recent years, including one that destroyed parts in 2005 and a devastating fire in 2016.

The building was rebuilt in 2017 after the previous owners removed the facade, a reconstruction which involved the removal of the original roof and the installation of new insulation.

The Eiffelettes iconic white exterior, known as the Eiger, was damaged in a similar fire in 2013.

In the decades since, the tower has also suffered several other fires, including a fire in 2017 that destroyed a portion of the building.

The Eifflettes’ owner, France’s National Building Council, said the fire had been extinguished by the end of the day on Sunday, AFP reported.

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