The art world has a reputation for being a bit of a place for the snob and the art dealer.

But there’s no denying that Basquat is a true icon of modernism, the artist who shaped modern art.

Here are ten of the most important Basquits you’ll ever come across:1.

The painting that started it all: “Lampshaded” by Basquiats “Blueberry Hill” (1924).

The artist painted this in the 1920s to celebrate the arrival of a new streetcar line.

The piece’s title, “Blueberries” was inspired by the original blueberry bushes in the US.

It was originally a single painting and was never completed.2.

The canvas that inspired the famous Picasso: The Complete Works (1922) – the one that inspired Basquiarats “Happiness in Painting” (1963).

This one has to be the most famous painting of all time.

A painting that took decades to complete and which won the Pulitzer Prize for painting in 1973.

Its famous title “Picasso’s Happiness in Painting”.3.

The one that changed everything: “The Great American Painting” by Louis C.K. (1965).

In the mid-1990s, Louis C, K was on the rise and had just started to sell his work for a lot of money.

But he didn’t get much love for his work and the critics didn’t like it.

So Louis decided to try and change the landscape.

So he commissioned this famous painting to show the public.

It became the basis of a very successful documentary series, which won him two Academy Awards and the best documentary prize.4.

The artist who turned the world into a gallery: “Toujours Bouche” by Claude Monet (1872).

This painting by Monet, the most celebrated artist of the 20th century, has been on display in the Louvre for over 80 years.

The world’s biggest museum has been unable to display it due to the fact that it is considered one of the best Monets works.5.

The iconic painting by Thomas the Tank Engine (1876).

It’s been one of America’s most famous landmarks since 1876.

The masterpiece of the painting has been a symbol of the United States for centuries and has been painted on nearly every building in America since it was created in 1865.6.

The very first American portrait: “Otto the Elder” by Thomas Joplin (1884).

The painting by Joplins first work was done in 1886 in Pittsburgh and the first portrait by a young American artist to appear in a gallery.

Its one of those rare works that has gone on to become the most recognizable painting in the United Kingdom.7.

The first painting of its kind to be exhibited in the UK: “Sketches of the American Revolution” by Alexander McQueen (1886).

This was the first work to be done in the U.S. to feature a portrait of a sitting president, and it is also the first painting to be on view in the British Museum.8.

The most famous painter in history: “St. Paul and the Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Leonardo da Vinci (1450).

Da Vinci was an artist of great artistic talent and a genius who influenced generations of artists.

His paintings were widely admired and he was called the most gifted artist in the world.

He painted a total of 8,000 pieces and sold more than 50 million paintings worldwide.9.

The greatest painting ever: “My Darling Clementine” by Rembrandt (1619).

It was a masterpiece of realism and beauty that had the world in awe.

The work was also highly popular in Europe, and the title of the work is a pun on the English word “my Darling”.

It became a best seller in its day.10.

The only painting to win the Nobel Prize in art: “Monsieur Verdoux” by Rubens (1759).

Its a piece of the great artist’s art, but its the first one to win an art prize.