Posted January 24, 2019 06:15:28 Your countertop art could look like a dead squid, according to a painting expert.

Dr Marc Lachman, a curator at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kent, told ABC Radio Melbourne that while he had never seen a dead octopus, he did not believe it was a squid.

“It’s a completely different species of octopus,” he said.

“The tentacles are quite different, and the eyes are more like squid eyes.”

But I would say that it’s quite common in aquariums for an octopus to have an eye socket missing, so it might just be that it has got that and it’s gone missing.

“Dr Lachmann said while his painting was not as close to the real thing as a dead fish, it still looked quite different.”

I think it’s more a reflection of what you see in the water, than it is of the actual squid, but it certainly does look like one,” he told ABC News.”

And it’s very, very colourful.

“The artist says he wants people to get a better understanding of what octopus look like.”

They’re not necessarily dangerous, they’re not predatory, they don’t do anything to you, they are just a normal, friendly, and peaceful creature,” he added.”

So I just think if you want to see them in a different light, then you’re in the right place.

“Dr Mark Waddell, a member of the Australian Museum’s octopus team, said he did a lot of research on the species.”

When I was working with them, we did a series of experiments, we went on an expedition, we looked at the species, we had people come to the aquarium, we got a real close look at it and the thing that was really surprising was that they were very peaceful and friendly and peaceful looking, and it was just really quite striking,” he explained.”

What I did, I thought, is I’d like to share with you, I think people really need to learn about them, and to be a bit more aware of the fact that they’re really just creatures that just want to be with us.

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