A paint brush can be used to paint on almost anything, but for those who love a bit of a challenge, you might just have to make your own.

The key is to start with simple, easy-to-apply acrylic paints that you can apply in one stroke and will take a few seconds to dry.

This easy-and-cheap paint trick works best if you don’t have to worry about making a mess, or if you just like to paint something without making a huge mess of it.

A little bit of practice is all it takes to get started.

To paint a wall, for example, start with a clear plastic board.

With the brush, you can easily apply paint in a few quick strokes.

Then you can add in your own touches of colour, and finish with a bit more of a finish with an airless sprayer.

If you don’ t have the time to wait for the paint to dry, you could also use the paintbrush on a piece of paper to add in little touches of the paint colour.

You can also paint on a wooden wall with just a small amount of paint on it.

To paint on something, start by spraying a thin layer of paint onto something else.

Next, add in a small splash of the colour you want.

When it dries, the colour will turn opaque, and the brush will be able to paint over the entire surface.

The paintbrush is the best way to paint acrylic paints on things, and you’ll find a wealth of techniques to use with it, from painting the outline of a letter on a wall to painting on the side of a train.