Pittsburgh, PA —  A painting of Pittsburgh’s famous St. Patrick’s Day parade was painted over with black paint last week.

The work, titled “Night Parade of the St. Patty’s Day Parade” was completed in two days and is on display at the Paint Tool sai Gallery in the old Pittsburgh Municipal Auditorium.

The painting was painted in two different colors, a light blue and a darker green, and is part of a series called “The St. Patricks Day Parade.”

It features a St. Pattricks Day parade and a large-scale parade in the middle of Pittsburgh.

“We painted the parade in three different colors to highlight different aspects of the parade, which we hope will attract more people to the area and make it more enjoyable for people to come,” said John Cramer, the gallery’s artistic director.

The city of Pittsburgh is celebrating St. Pats day with its annual parade.

This year’s parade will be the first in the city since 2007.

In addition to the painting, the Gallery also has a show called “Painting on the Street” and a show titled “Starry Night Painting.”