In 2010, Angelus launched a brand new line of pens called Galaxy Painting which is now available in the UK.

The line features a range of hand-painted pencils including pencils made from the skin of the famous Galaxian starfish, a creation inspired by the work of the legendary Greek artist Georgios Kircher.

Angelus has also collaborated with some of the most celebrated artists in the industry, including Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Fry, Tom Hanks, Mark Hamill, David Beckham and more.

Galaxy Painting was one of Angelus best-seller lines and his signature on each pen is engraved with the word “Galaxy”.

This is a signature he used to promote his other pens and has now been passed down to his son.

The family say their goal is to give back to the industry by giving back to their local community, which is where Angelus is from.

Angelus’ son said: “We want to spread the word about the importance of pen-making and the great artists that are producing it all.”

We are also going to start a fund that will help with things like painting in a school.

“The pens we have made are made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, coconut wax, coconut milk and coconut shell.”

Angelus and his family have set up the Angelus Foundation in an effort to make a difference in the world.

They said:”The Angelus family has a lot of passion for pen-makers and their craft and are passionate about helping the industry grow.”