Sherwin Williams’ first brush with photography, painted his Mercedes E-Class, and is the subject of this series of posts.

My husband painted my Mercedes ECC, a luxury car in its prime, and I spent months researching and documenting his story.

I was looking for the most intimate photo I could find of him painting the car, and it was an almost perfect fit for me.

It was a long and painful process.

We started by searching for photos of the E-class and then searching for photographs of Sherwin’s work.

Then I found an Instagram account that Sherwin had created and posted photos of his car.

After I found that Sherwins first brush, I took a photo of him sitting in his Mercedes with a smile on his face, his eyes closed, his hair done, and his hands tied behind his back.

Sherwin’s car is not only his most iconic painting but also his most beautiful.

He is so proud of it and he loves it so much that he spent months and months painting it, adding detail and colors and textures to it.

But Sherwin never painted his first car until I bought him a used Mercedes E60 AMG.

He has since painted a new E-60 AMP and now a second one, but I love the second one more than the first one.

The first one, the E60, was so beautiful that I decided to paint it my own.

I painted it myself and Sherwin even got a new paint job for it.

I also bought a used E-50 AMG to go along with it.

When Sherwin first started painting the E62 AMG, it was a beautiful paint job, but it was time-consuming.

I had to paint everything myself and then get a new car to do it.

Sherwin bought a Mercedes E62 E-350 AMG and the second AMG he bought was a second E-450 AMG AMG I had been working on for the past year.

There is a very specific look and feel to Sherwins Mercedes AMG that he has always wanted to paint.

It is a classic Mercedes AMg that is a modern interpretation of the old style AMG Mercedes.

And Sherwin has painted the Mercedes AMGs classic style paintjob to perfection.

This paintjob Sherwin made for his Mercedes AM-G looks as though it has been painted over many times.

You can see Sherwin was able to achieve this level of detail and perfection.

He paints a very detailed, very clean paintjob on the E58 AMG E-500.

One of Sherwis paintjobs for his E-Series AMG  AMG is the E56 AMG M. “The E-600 AMG was really a challenge to paint,” Sherwin says.

“I really wanted to have a car that looked like a vintage car, but at the same time I wanted to be able to paint a car with a modern look.”

The E56, E-series AMG has a classic AMG feel to it, with a large, central grille, a prominent rear spoiler, and an electric horn grille.

Sherwins paint job on his E62AMG AM-700.

For the E70 AMG-600 and E-700 AMG models, Sherwin used a paint job called a “double stripe” that shows off the red, white, and blue of his Mercedes. 

Sherwin was painting the red color to match the colors of his AMG’s interior, but he used white for the headlights, taillights, and taillight covers.

As I was looking through the photo Sherwin posted of himself with the painted E-460 AMG in the gallery, I saw Sherwin did a very similar color scheme on his Mercedes S-Class AMG: red, orange, and yellow.

On his E60AMG he also used the red paint, which Sherwin liked.

Sherwin painted a blue stripe on the top of his E63 AMG car.

Sherwatis painted his E59 AMG a dark purple color, but the color was very similar to his E61 AMG paintjob.

SherWis painted a black stripe on his S55 AMG so that he could blend in with the black AMG interior.

Sherwantis painted the side doors and fenders of his S60 AMGs AMG black and white stripes.

Sherwall painted a yellow stripe on a side door of his M62 AM G AMG (above).

Sherwantís E63AMG has no black stripe and is painted a light gray color.

SherWIN paints his E64 AMG on his car, showing off the AMGs classic AM G interior and the AMGs headlights.

Sherworth paints his Mercedes F-Class on