We know what you’re thinking: this is the kind of paint that you use to paint your nails, so it’s going to be great for your skin.

But is it going to work for your makeup? 

But let’s get one thing straight: this stuff is expensive and it’s hard to come by, so we’re not buying it, not even if we think we could.

If you’re looking for a great, cheap paint brush, look no further than this super-affordable, super-effective paint for your eyes. 

This color spray is great for creating a deep, rich glow that doesn’t require too much product.

You can also use it to create a more subtle effect on the skin by applying it over your eyelids, cheekbones, nose, mouth, and lips. 

But we’re going to go a step further and say, this is a paint brush that you can actually use to build up your foundation, so you can have the perfect blend of products. 

How to Apply Color Spray to your Eyelid & Eyebrow with Glossier Cloud Paint As soon as you see this brush on the countertop, you know you need to use it.

The formula is light and it comes in a wide variety of colors and it blends easily with other products.

It’s also pretty quick to apply, so no matter how dark your skin is, you can finish it off in under 30 minutes. 

It also comes in the colors of blue, grey, green, red, purple, yellow, pink, red-brown, and white.

This paint is perfect for your face, neck, or upper body.

It will also work well for your lips, so feel free to layer this paint over your favorite lip gloss or concealer and you’re ready to go. 

For skin, this product works great on your eyelashes and brows, so if you have oily skin, it’s perfect to use over foundation and a little goes a long way. 

If you’re new to this beauty brand, you should definitely check out their line of high-quality makeup brushes.

They offer a variety of different brushes and eyeshadows, including the gorgeous, metallic Eyeliner Brush and the creamy, pigmented Eye Brush. 

The Blush Brushes for Glossy Skin are perfect for adding a little extra glow to your face or neck.

They’re made of high quality, silky-smooth acrylic and are perfect to add a touch of shine to your skin or just make your eyes pop. 

These brushes are easy to apply and easy to clean up, so they’ll last you a lifetime. 

Use the Color Spray to Build Up Your Foundation or Concealer Using the Color Brush, you’ll be able to create the perfect foundation or concealant for any occasion.

This brush will add a gorgeous glow to the skin without being too harsh or greasy. 

There are a variety and great finishes you can use with this product, including a metallic color that will look like you’re wearing a lipstick, matte color for a flawless finish, and a translucent color that’ll add depth and definition to your makeup look. 

In addition to all of these brushes, the Blushing Brush is perfect to apply on the cheekbones or nose, as it creates a perfect, smooth finish. 

Mix the Color Sprays with Your Favorite Liquid Lipstick or Concealer to Create a Perfect Eyebrows This product works perfectly for both eyes and lips, but if you want to apply it on your brows and cheeks, the Blushing Brush works just as well. 

A blend of high gloss and shimmery color makes it a perfect base for applying your favorite liquid lipstick or concealers, and the Blush Brush is ideal for applying it on the cheeks or neck, so the color stays natural and is not too shiny or overbearing. 

Have any more questions about this product?

Check out the full review and see for yourself. 

Are you a fan of Glossier?

If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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