Nude paintings are all about style, with each painting having a different style and meaning.

Nude artists often go for an abstract, minimalist look, while some also have elaborate paintings in which the colours, patterns and lines can create a sense of space.

Here are some of the top nude paintings on the market today.


A portrait of an angel, with white-painted flowers, white hair and a black dress.

In 2014, the Metropolitan Museum of Art sold the painting “A Lover’s Desire”, which was part of a collection of “non-traditional” artworks created in the 1950s.

The painting, which was sold for £100,000, was the only one of its kind in the Metropolitan’s collection.


An image of a woman in a dress, wearing a black skirt and a red dress.

The piece sold for $1.5 million.


A sculpture of a bird holding a book in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other hand.

The £1.9 million piece sold in London’s Christie’s in 2014 for £4.3 million.


A woman holding a doll with a face on it and a knife in her mouth.

The work sold in 2008 for £3.6 million.


A painting of a man, wearing white shirt, trousers and a hat, and holding a box.

The painting sold for a record £3 million in 2015 in the New York City.

The artist was called “Paz de la Fuente” by the Metropolitan, and was a member of the group known as “The Young Artists of Mexico”.

“It’s very interesting that this woman is a writer, she’s an activist, she knows how to express herself and I think this is very powerful,” he told the BBC.

“She has a lot of things going on in her life.

I think that she’s a very complex woman and I like that.”

He said he had also been approached by collectors who wanted to see the work.