The United States has seen its share of tragedies during the Great Recession.

But it is not alone.

America’s financial system has also had its share too.

The most obvious reason is that it is run by the same banks and financial institutions that have been bailed out by the government.

They are the same ones who helped create the financial crisis and bailed out the world’s biggest economies.

The problem with banks and the financial system is that they are not trusted to make wise decisions.

They don’t need to.

They’re not accountable.

They have no incentive to improve the financial state of their customers or the world as a whole.

This is because they have no control over how the money flows in the system, which has led to massive inflation and a collapse of real wages.

This crisis is a direct consequence of the banks’ bad practices.

It is also the result of systemic failures in the financial sector.

They were bailed out and given billions of dollars in bailout funds, but they didn’t take any responsibility for their actions.

They left investors and consumers vulnerable to losses and a loss of faith in the banks and their ability to manage the economy.

They didn’t manage their own risk, which created a huge financial bubble.

This bubble ballooned in the US from 2007 to 2011, creating a bubble economy that was so huge that it made the economy less stable than it otherwise would have been.

The result is that many people lost their jobs and their homes, and millions more lost their savings.

These are the people that are the biggest victims of the crisis.

The banks also helped finance the war in Afghanistan and other wars around the world.

In this war, they also made billions of pounds off the wars.

The reason is simple: they were making profits from the wars themselves.

They could then take those profits and turn them into big bonuses for their executives.

They made huge profits off the deaths of US soldiers in Afghanistan, as well as billions of euros in loot from the looted American homes of Afghans who fought the Taliban.

The financial sector has made billions off the lives of thousands of people, and they are still getting rich off the suffering of millions more.

In addition, the financial institutions also created the financial mess that is America’s health care system.

They created insurance companies, which have made billions from the costs of insurance.

They also helped create an entire insurance industry that is the backbone of our health care systems.

But they didnĀ“t have to.

The system was already in place when the crisis began.

It wasn’t until 2010 that the banks created the massive financial crisis they are now struggling to get out of.

The banking system was designed by the US government and it has a track record of failing, from the dotcom crash to the housing bubble.

In fact, it was in 2008 when the financial crash began.

This time, the banking system created the economic crisis.

And the banks that have the most to lose are the banks with the most power to affect the economy and the world in the way that the financial industry has.

This article originally appeared on Al Jazeera America.