Paint by number, it’s time for a painting by numbers celebration!

With the holiday season just around the corner, we’re giving away free paint by number kits in honor of the season. 

With a few simple steps, you can decorate your home with paint by Numbers, paint it up, and then add holiday decor to it. 

From a holiday party to a Christmas tree, this holiday kit will be the perfect Christmas gift for you and your family. 

In addition, this kit includes two acrylic paint cans, a paintbrush, a small paint can, a roll of polyethylene tubing, a masking tape, a needle, and a paint stick. 

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:1.

Cut out the following instructions for the paint kits:2.

Fill a paint can with paint and a roll.3.

Paint the top and bottom of the can.4.

Roll it out into a circle, and add some of the surrounding area to the paint.5.

Using the needle, apply a mask of masking adhesive.6.

Apply the tape to the top of the paint, to cover the top, bottom, and sides of the canvas.7.

Place the canvas in a bathtub and pour some paint into the bathtub.8.

Place a mask on the bath, so that the adhesive will adhere to the mask.9.

Cover the entire paint with tape, and seal with masking paper.10.

Take a paint brush and start painting the outside of the bath tub.11.

Paint all the other paint on the outside.12.

Seal the bath with mask to prevent the paint from drying.13.

Once the paint has dried, remove the mask, and remove the paintbrush.14.

Repeat steps 3-7 until you’ve painted the entire inside of the tub.15.

Paint over the bath in order to give the illusion that the tub is painted in the holidays colors. 

You can also paint over the entire outside of your bathtub with the paint on.16.

Seal with mask and paint stick to create the illusion of snow in the tub, or paint over any other areas of the outside in order for the outside to look festive.17.

Add the masks and stick to the walls and ceiling of your house, or use a coat hanger and stick it on the wall or ceiling.18.

Place your paint bucket on the ground and paint your decorations inside.19.

Once all the decorations are painted, use a brush to add some more decoration to the outside walls and ceilings.20.

Enjoy the free paint kits with this fun holiday giveaway.