The royal family has never been the only group of people to have their portrait painted.

Artist Adam Jones has created a series of portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry.

They are a collaboration between his studio and the Royal College of Surgeons.

Adam Jones says he is a portrait artist for a living, and it is his passion to portray the royal families personalities.

“I like to make the subjects as human as possible, as real as possible,” he said.

One of his favourite portraits of Princess Diana is a woman in a long flowing skirt, wearing a red jacket.

In a later portrait of Princess Elizabeth, the Duchess is wearing a long, black dress and is wearing her hair in a ponytail.

Another of Jones’s favourite portraits is a man wearing a white hat and a long coat, with a white shirt and red tie.

The portrait of Prince Harry is another popular royal portrait, and is the most popular of all.

Jones said he is interested in how people interact with their portraits, so he tries to portray both happy and sad scenes in his paintings.

“[They are] very often about love, family, politics and a lot of different aspects,” he explained.

What are your favourite portraits?

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