The holiday season is upon us and many of the best-known paintings are back on display.

This year, the art is all about the New Year, and the paintings are getting back to their roots.

Here are some of the most popular paintings in the collection, as well as some of their favorite moments:The most popular Christmastimes’ Christmastide art is the one on the right.

The New Year’s Day event has been celebrated for years with the likes of Christmases Eve, Day of the Dead and Christmas.

The painting by artist Mark Grosz and the Santa Claus, however, are the biggest draws for visitors.

The artist said it was his intention to create a “spiritual Christmas” painting.

The artworks by Groszel are on view at the St. Andrew’s Church in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 26, 2019.

The most anticipated artworks of the holiday season are the ones by artist Graziano Venezia.

The painter’s latest work, titled The Resurrection, is on display at the Gros Zervos Gallery in New York City on Dec 19, 2019.(Kelsey Wagstaff/For The Washington Post)This painting by Italian artist Gioachino Veneziamini was commissioned by New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It will be on view for the first time on Dec 25.

The best-selling painting of the year is by Giorgio De Sica, who is a celebrated contemporary artist who is the founder of the international art museum Art in America.

The work, entitled The Gospel According to Saint Matthew, is currently on view in New Jersey.

De Sica has been on the market for months, but is finally available for the public.

The work by Gioacchino Vignelli is on view as part of the exhibition, “The Gospel According To Saint Matthew,” at the Tate Modern in London on Dec 20, 2019 (Kelley Jackson/For the Washington Post).

The most expensive painting of Christmas is by Spanish painter Josef Rubens, whose works have been on display in Paris and Los Angeles.

The portrait of Jesus by Rubens was on display last year at the New York Public Library, but the painting was removed by the gallery.

The piece is on show at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

The most expensive piece is a painting by Spanish artist Miguel Ángel Sánchez, which is on sale for the second time at the Metropolitan Museum.

The artworks, which cost over $40 million to make, are on display for the third time at The Royal Academy in London.(Javier Galeano/AP)This piece by Spanish artists José Manuel Córdoba and José Luis García is on the cover of the book “El Nuevo Luchador: A Catalonian Journey.”

The artist told The Associated Press that the work is a reflection on the city of Barcelona and the people there.

The artists’ work is on loan from the Metropolitan Institute of Art in New London, Conn., and the gallery will be in New Delhi for two months beginning in late December 2019.(Javier Garcia/AP/Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum)This work by Spanish-American artist José Luis González is on offer for the fourth time at St. John’s Cathedral in New Westminster, British Columbia.

It is on a special exhibit called “A World of Color: A Conversation Between Color and Black.”

The most recent painting to be sold is by artist José Alberto Vidal.

The works are on sale at the National Gallery of Art and will be part of an exhibition of paintings by the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington.

The artist, whose paintings are also on display, told The Washingtonian that the works reflect the multicultural heritage of the United States.

“In the United Kingdom, I think, it’s a much more progressive country than it is in the United Sates,” he said.

“In the U.S., it’s an American country.”

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