Monalise de Oliveira Monalisi, an art teacher in Brazil, has been working on the painting “The Woman from the Stone” for the past three years.

The painting is inspired by a Brazilian story and a poem from the Spanish poet Miguel de Cervantes.

Monalises family and friends said they saw the project as an opportunity to use a piece of art as a medium of expression.

They have been able to bring the work into their home, and they have a new painting in their home.

The project was started by the Monalis, who are in their 40s.

They live in the coastal city of Santa Catarina, in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest.

Monalais mother, Chantal, said she decided to make the painting because she liked the stories in the poem.

Chantel said she has not yet finished the painting, but she is sure she will soon.

“I’m going to do it.

I want to do this,” Chantala said.

“It’s a really beautiful work.

It’s a lot of work and it takes a lot time.”

The Monalizas are the second-oldest family in Brazil.

Their oldest son, Chámara, was born in 1946.

The family owns a bakery, and Monalissas husband, Antonio, works in the mining industry.

The Monalis are known for their creativity, especially in the art world.

“My father is a master of painting and he paints with his heart, but also with his mind.

He loves to paint, and he can do a lot,” Chámmara said.

The artist said the paintings he has done are based on his own experiences as a child.

Cháminas mother said her family has been thinking about making a painting for years.

“They say they will take this painting into the family home, so it’s not only a project for me, but it’s for them,” she said.

Monaliis grandmother, Maria, said they have never thought about making art for themselves.

She said the family has always been interested in the arts, and now they are getting their own work done.

“We are thinking about the future, because we want to make art for our children, and also for our grandchildren,” Maria said.

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