Steelers wide receiver Le’veon Bell’s latest paint job has fans of the team’s football program salivating, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

The Steelers’ first training camp practice of training camp was Wednesday, and there were plenty of opportunities to show off some of the paint work they did on their helmets.

The first thing that stood out was the paint that Bell wore.

He did a black-and-white look on his helmet and helmet visor, and then he painted pumpkin-colored paint over the inside of his helmet.

The helmet was painted the same color as the pumpkins.

It was a lot of fun, but he did it in black- and-white so it’s a little bit of a challenge for me.

The next thing that jumped out was Spaeth’s paint job.

He put on a white helmet, and he painted it a white and yellow color scheme.

He then painted his visor a different color, as well.

The last thing I remember from practice was Bell’s helmet being put in the freezer.

That’s when he had a lot to do.

Bell was at practice, but his helmet was not in the ice pack because he was still recovering from surgery to repair his torn ACL, per the team.

The goal for Bell and Spaeth is to show that they can keep it together.

That they are going to work hard, and that they’re going to get better every day.

The only problem with Spaeth and Bell’s paint work is that it was a little too easy for the public to see the paint, and it’s still not completely clear who painted what.

I think the paint is a little hard to see, but I don’t think the helmet is the same.

The paint has been cleaned off of Bell, so we’ll have to wait and see if the Steelers have any more paint for Bell.