It is not unusual for people to paint their pets and pets’ pictures with their own hands, or even their pets themselves.

This can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to painting the most gorgeous lady butterflies, which can vary in size from a small blue butterfly to a large orange butterfly.

But this simple technique can turn your pet into a miniature painting.

Here’s how to make them, and then you can enjoy them.


To paint a pet portrait, you need to paint them from the front.

Put a coat of oil over the pet, a brush, and a little water.

Then paint the pet on top of the oil and water, painting in a shallow and smooth layer.


You need to add some kind of shadow or background to the pet.

For instance, put a little dusting of paint over the back of the pet to make it look like it is a flower.


Put the pet in a frame and make a “garden” around it, so it looks like a garden.


After painting, you can hang the pet from a string or wire and let the pet hang in a sun or shade.

To make the garden, make a ring around the pet and tie it.

Then put the pet inside the ring, making sure it stays inside the cage, and tie the ring up.