It’s hard to pin down exactly which art is most beautiful to us.

But we do know that we like to see the beautiful.

Here are 10 paintings that we admire the most, and which are also the most controversial.1.

Sea Serpent (Wu Ning)The sea is a fascinating place to see, and it is the only place where we can see sharks.

But some of the most beautiful sharks in the world are not the ones that are swimming around.

They are the ones which are diving down into the sea.

In the early 1900s, China was obsessed with studying sharks, and discovered a few species of sharks, called sea snakes, which could mimic the movements of the sea creatures they were studying.

In 1924, the Chinese government created a museum in Qingdao, where they put together a series of works that showed these sea snakes swimming underwater.

The Chinese government even put them on display in their city hall, and made it a symbol of Chinese power.

The work was commissioned by the British Royal Society, and was the first in a series.2.

The Sea Serpent is Born (Wang Zhongwei)This watercolour is an example of the work of painter Wang Zhongwu, who in his later years had to turn away from his original watercolour designs and go for a more modern style.

He chose the name of the painting because of the way the water looked.

The waters are filled with gold, silver and red.

This gives the painting an intense and beautiful quality.

He also wanted to represent the ocean as a place of beauty, and to be able to see in this way that there is beauty everywhere.3.

The Great Shark (Li Yuhai)This is a work by Li Yuhais famous portrait of a great shark, and a work of art in its own right.

Li Yukii had studied the art of Chinese sea painting and had a fascination with the shark as it looked.

He painted this portrait in 1929, and after his death, the painting is still considered a masterpiece.4.

The Mermaid (Xu Qun)This painting was originally commissioned for a museum exhibition in Beijing, and later became a work in itself.

It shows a man who is swimming through a small ocean with a great black whale.

The whale has fins, and his head is very large.

The man’s arm is in the water, and he is holding his hand.

The painting has a lot of emotion, and there is also a lot to be said for the way that it is presented.5.

The Tiger’s Heart (Xun Yutong)Xun Xutong, a member of the famous Chinese painting collective the Qianlong Group, commissioned this work.

It is the third portrait of the tiger in his group’s collection.

This one was commissioned as a series by the Qian Long Group, and is one of the group’s most popular works.

The tiger’s heart is painted in deep black and gold, and the background is a blue sky.

It was made famous by Chinese artist Wu Zetian, who painted it with his brush.6.

The Shark in the River (Lian Yu)This was originally a watercolour of a shark swimming around a river in a forest, but it is also an abstract painting that depicts a shark.

It takes place in a cave, and in the foreground a figure of a man with a tiger’s head is standing over a man.

It has a sense of awe and beauty that is not quite so clear in the other two works, and so is not as well known.

It’s a great painting to have on your wall.7.

The Golden Shark (Huang Zhixin)Huang Zhengxi’s paintings are so famous because they are so abstract.

They have a feeling of depth and space, but there are also a certain sense of simplicity.

The shark is a very simple creature, but he has a certain charm about him, which is the most appealing of all the shark paintings.

This shark has a great sense of humor, and as we get closer to him we feel that the shark is trying to help us through this strange world.8.

The Lion and the Tiger (Wen Jian)This shark is another one of Wen Jian’s many works, but one that is a bit less famous.

This is the work that was commissioned for an exhibition in Shanghai in 1929.

The lion and tiger are both sitting in a boat, and they are swimming along the shore.

This painting is very beautiful, and Wen Jian really tried to convey the sense of life in this environment.9.

The Whale (Wujun Li)Wujuns work is known for his realism, but this shark is not.

This portrait was commissioned in 1931, and featured the whale swimming along a bay, and at the bottom, a fish.

The artist painted this painting on the water and in front of the water as the whale and the fish looked out at the sea