I can’t quite tell if the paint on the right of the picture is a bit too shiny or a bit of a wash.

But it’s clear that this is the paint used to decorate the Hitler mural on the former Nazi Party headquarters in Berlin. 

The wall was painted over in 2011, but the mural remained in place for almost six years until it was replaced in March this year by a newer version.

In doing so, a group of young activists in Berlin organised the first ever “Hitler paint” party.

The party organised by the group “Hitlers Painted Walls” and organized by artist Markus Köhler-Stammer has grown into a community of around 400 people, and their efforts have also helped to raise funds to paint new mural. 

Hitler’s Paintings on the Wall” by Markus Kostelmann, created in collaboration with the group Nazis Paintings On The Wall, is a work of art. 

I am not the first person to paint Hitler’s painting on the walls of the former German Nazi Party Headquarters in Berlin, and I don’t expect that it will be the last.

The artist Markus has a long and storied history of collaborating with the people of Germany.

His work has been exhibited in many different cities and museums, including New York, London, Amsterdam and Rome. 

This is the first time that the paint has been used to paint a wall painting in Berlin as part of a party.

The paintings are not only meant to be seen, but also to be heard.

The posters that people have painted are all about how much they appreciate the art, the history of the party and how much the people in the community appreciate the painting.””

The people have become interested in the party, they are going to put a big message on the mural and it’s going to spread quickly,” said Markus. 

The posters that people have painted are all about how much they appreciate the art, the history of the party and how much the people in the community appreciate the painting.

“We are going through a tough time, but we are going all out to make this mural happen,” said Lutz Schubert, who has been helping to organise the party for the last year.

“I am a young man, I don`t know if I will be able to make it all the way through the party.”

I have no idea how many more years I will have to paint this mural, but I hope it will help a lot,” he said.”

Hitler was a good man, but he was also a Nazi.

That is why we must always be prepared to fight against this,” said a tearful Markus.

I hope that this party will inspire others who want to paint something, to start painting, and that this will help people to be a little bit more open about the Nazi past, said Markus who is from Berlin.”

It is not something you can do overnight, and we are still in a tough period of time.”

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