Posted February 05, 2018 02:23:56 With so many different kinds of paint on the market, you may have to search for one that suits your needs.

The following is a collection of all the most popular plastic paint and paint roller brands, with the most common colours available for purchase online.

You can purchase all of these colours online, or in stores.

There’s also a selection of plastic paint colours that can be purchased in Australia, but it is more expensive.


Vespar Paint Colors Vespar paints are made from the resin in certain plant species.

It is also called pumice or ash wood.

The resin is usually very soft, so you may need to use a brush to paint.

They’re sold as spray paint or dry paint.

There are two types of paints: dry paint and spray paint.


Plastic Paint Colors For the best colours available in your area, look for the following: 2.1 Plastic paint colours: the best 2,2.2 1.

Abrasive paint for dry paint: abrasive 2a. 

Abrasive Paint for Dry Paint: A brasive is a paint that has been painted with a strong, but not too strong, pressure.

This makes it harder to get rid of the paint.

The result is the ‘softest’ type of paint. 


Bristle paint for drying paint: Bistram paint 2c. 

Brilliant Bistram Paint for dry spray paint: Brilliant Bistrum Busterbrush 2d. 

Cascade paint for spray paint and dry paint  2e. 

Chalk paint for wet paint: chalk 2f. 

Flaming paint for paint drying: flaming 2g. 

Flash paint for hot paint: flash 2h. 

Flame paint for hot paint: flaming  2i. 

Fire Paint for hot and dry spray: hot 2j. 

High-impact paint for painted areas: high-impact 2k. 

Handy paint for spraying: spray paint 3. 

Carbonated Paint Colors Carbonyl paints are also known as carbonated paints.

Carbonated paints are usually made from a mixture of water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen, to produce a colour that is less viscous than regular paint.

These colours can be used in paint, body paint, and soaps.

They have a very soft appearance and will be less abrasive on your skin. 

3.1 Carbons are also commonly used to create caricature paints: Carboron 3a.

Carbonized paint for body paint: Carbonated 3b.

The colour carbonates can also be used for body spray paint, which is the most commonly used colour in body paint today.


Color Carbonated Body Paint: Caribone 4. 

Paint Roller Colors These are also called paint roller paints.

They are usually available in the range of 50 to 150 ml in the size of a paint bottle, but are much smaller than a paintbrush.

Paint roller paints are typically sold in 1 litre bottles, 20 ml for a large bottle, and 5 ml for a small bottle.

They also have the option to have a removable brush or roller for use with a paint brush. 


Water Paint ColorsThere are four main types of paint colours, all of which are used in body spray paints: 5a.

The most popular water paint colours are red, yellow, orange and green. 

They are also the most expensive. 

The most common water paint colour is red, which is used in some body spray colours, and in body wash paints. 


Orange, green, blue and red are used as a paint colour in some water paints, including blue and orange. 


Satin Paint ColorsSatin paints are used for a wide range of paint, including body paint.

It has a soft, creamy finish, and is used to add gloss and texture to the surface of a piece of clothing, and also to create a tattoo or tattoo design.

It also gives the appearance of being transparent. 


Silk Paint ColorsSilk paints are a soft white to light grey colour that can also be used in many body spray colour.

They can be found in a range of colour schemes, including a light grey or white, but most often in a lighter shade of grey. 


Vesper Paint ColorsVespray paint is a slightly darker shade of paint that is used in most body paint colours.

It’s used to provide a metallic effect and a metallic finish to body paints.

The more expensive of the paints, Vesper

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