I’m sure you’ve seen this painting before.

It’s called the Waving Chalk and it’s a simple, yet elegant piece of art.

It’s been in use for years in the United Kingdom, and I think it’s the most well known piece of glass art in the world.

The painting’s been on display at the Tate Modern since it was first installed in 1892.

It’s now in the collection of the British Library.

But in the 20th century, it was used to paint bedrooms.

This is how the artist would paint a bedroom.

To do this, you use a glass palette.

A window shade is placed on the side of the palette. 

A lamp shade is added to the front of the brush, and the two brushstrokes are set in a grid pattern.

When you’re finished, you simply draw the background of your bedroom and paint on the painting.

There’s a lot to be said for a simple but elegant look.

Here’s the Wavestream wallpaper I used for my bedroom. 

This is the Waves Waverley Chalk painting. 

The painting is done on a dark blue palette.

This makes it easy to spot the colors in the paint. 

I like how the color palette is organized. 

In this image, the two white brushstroks are arranged in a horizontal line, and when the painting is over, you can see that the palette is lined with two shades of blue. 

It’s an elegant, but still simple painting.

I love the way the WAVESTREAM wallpaper looks. 

There’s something about this wallpaper that’s timeless.

That’s the beauty of a painting, I guess.