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The new version of Microsoft Paint for Windows 8 is available for download on the Microsoft Paint app store.

The app is now available for Windows Store on the Windows 8 Marketplace.

Microsoft Paint for windows 8.1 is a premium Windows 8.x and Windows 10 design suite.

Microsoft Paint 8.0 for Windows 7 is currently not available for sale on the PC Store.

Microsoft has confirmed the launch of the new Paint app on its website, stating that it is the first to have the Paint app available for purchase on the marketplace.

Microsoft also announced that it will soon add the new Windows 10 version of Paint to its Windows Store app.

The new Windows version will come with a new app icon, making it easy for users to jump right into the Paint experience.

The Paint app will also now come with an optional Microsoft account, which will enable users to share their artwork with friends and family.

While Microsoft Paint currently only supports Mac and Windows, the company is working on a new Windows app for Linux, macOS and Windows Phone, which is expected to launch sometime in the fall.