This is the place to visit when you are heading to Portland for a weekend trip or an early Christmas.

This is a place that has the best of everything you want in a holiday destination.

You will get to explore the beautiful city, see the sights, and feel like you are in Portland, Oregon.

We have curated the best places in Portland to make your Portland vacation a dream.

The best things to do in Portland: – Enjoy some great food and beverages at local restaurants such as, La Boulange, La Belle & the Boatmen, or even a nice drink at a local bar.

– Watch the sunset at the Portland skyline from the Portland Convention Center.

– Take a bike ride in the streets of downtown Portland.

– Go for a walk in the woods at the Woodlawn Park or The Woods.

– Visit the Old Town and take a stroll in the historic district.

– Learn to play the clarinet at the Pikes Peak Choir and enjoy a delicious lunch.

– Eat a delicious, authentic meal in one of the many restaurants in the downtown area.

– Experience some of the best music in Portland at the outdoor concert venues and festivals in the Portland area.