An Air Force veteran is trying to make an airless paint brush work as a portable, low-maintenance paint dispenser.

The paintbrush is made of low-wattage plastic that is not as flexible as other types of paints.

This makes it more easy to apply and clean than traditional paints.

And because it is non-toxic, the paintbrush also is reusable.

The military uses the low-power paintbrush to spray paint in the field.

It can spray on walls and other surfaces, including walls that don’t have a door, for instance.

But the paint brush was designed to spray from a distance and not be used in a crowded area, said Tom Smith, the Air Force’s deputy director of aviation operations.

He says it’s easy to clean and the brush can easily be transported.

“It is not very expensive, it’s a small, portable tool that’s easy and portable,” Smith said.

The Air Force also is trying the paint sprayers out on the streets of Atlanta and other major cities, to see how well they work.

Smith says the paint sprays up and out easily, so long as you’re not near a water source.

The brush is designed to go on top of the paint dispensing system used by the National Guard and other military units.

And Smith says it can spray anywhere.

It will spray on the pavement, a sidewalk or a wall.

It also can be used to spray on roofing tiles, walls, and other surface.