Posted October 06, 2018 07:09:50 Home Depot will no longer be selling paint for fireplaces, a change that was announced in late November.

The paint has long been used for a variety of decorative purposes and, after the firestorm that broke out in September, the paint maker decided to put its paint-making operations under closer scrutiny.

While there are still many reasons to leave paint for other uses, this change could make for a more seamless transition to the rest of the world.

The company has since started to offer a range of paint that it said would be safe to use for the rest the year.

It also announced that it will now be adding safe paint for people to use in fireplaces.

“It’s really important to us that we continue to support the local communities, the fire departments, and the first responders who are working in our facilities,” said Steve J. Davis, president and chief executive officer of Home Depot.

“The paint we produce at our plant in Virginia is safe and the paint used for fireplaces and in other applications is safe.

So that will continue.”

The company is also starting to sell paint for furniture, but this is the first time it will be sold for homes.

Home Depot did not say when or if it plans to offer paint for new homes.

“We are going to be moving very quickly toward making the paint safe for people’s safety,” Davis said.

“This is the way we’re going to do it.

It’s a good thing.

I’m excited about it.”