Solarium is a mysterious mineral with no known origin.

The painting, which is on display in the Museum of Modern Art’s Art Gallery of New York, depicts a moon rock.

Its name comes from the Sanskrit word for moon.

Solarium has a distinctive red, green and blue color.

Scientists have identified its chemical structure as iron oxide.

It’s also thought to be the first known mineral to have a hydrogen atom.

Solariamin is a rare, valuable mineral that has only been discovered in the last decade.

It can be mined in China, South Africa and Russia.

Solaria is a combination of a mineral and a chemical formula that’s used to make a pigment.

It is not known what the pigment is used for.

It could be used as a base or as a paint.

Solaricum is a mineral with a range of chemical characteristics that can be used in various ways, such as in a coating on paint, a liquid base, or as an ink pigment.

The name comes, in part, from the ancient Greek word for Moon.

Solarum is not only a beautiful mineral, but also a unique chemical formula for a new paint.

Its properties have never been studied.

It was discovered in 2002 by researchers from the University of Arizona.

Scientists from the National Science Foundation (NSF) are helping to fund the exhibition.

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