Benjamin Moores painting of Benjamin Franklin has won the largest painting prize in U.S. history.

The painting, a collaboration with art historian Daniel Bialik, was unveiled Friday at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

The $60-million, six-month-long exhibition, titled Benjamin Moors Benjamin Franklin, will be on view through Jan. 8.

The museum is selling prints of Moores work for $35,000 apiece.

A few thousand people, mostly in New England, have already paid $2,500 each for the prints.

Bialik’s painting of Franklin, a Revolutionary War hero, is on view for the first time.

The painting has been called one of the best of the century and has been described as “a portrait of the most enduring icon of American art.”

Bialicki’s portrait was painted on paper by a hand in the 1830s by the American artist Samuel Pinter.

Moores is the last surviving original print of Franklin.

The Moores artwork will be available for viewing through Jan 8, and Moores’ original print will be sold at auction for $30,000 on Jan. 20.