It’s one of the most cherished traditions in the country and for a lot of people it’s the perfect Christmas present.

But the craft of painting your own tree, and getting it to grow, has been a challenge for the past 20 years.

And now the state of Victoria is launching an initiative to help local businesses make it happen.

Key points:The State Government wants to encourage the community to buy, build and paint their own Christmas treesThe program will be run by the Victorian Christmas Tree Growers Association (VETTA) and the Victoria Christmas Tree Association (VDTA)The state’s Christmas Tree Garden is a community initiative with a goal to provide Christmas trees with a “high quality of care” and encourage the growth of the tree, which will be used in decorations.

“Christmas trees are among the most beautiful and cherished trees in the world, and we need them to flourish and flourish in our communities,” Victorian Agriculture Minister David Elliott said.

“This project will help our local businesses grow their own trees and provide a high-quality Christmas tree for the community.”VETTO CEO Kevin Condon said the project was a “very exciting opportunity” to give the community a chance to buy and build their own holiday tree.

“It is also a great opportunity to grow our local economy and bring new jobs to Victoria,” Mr Condon told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“We are looking forward to getting this project off the ground and looking forward working with our community to ensure it is successful.”

Mr Condon added the project would be run from next year, and the community would be asked to purchase the trees they wanted.

“They would then be supplied with a very high quality of tree from the state and we would provide them with a lot more Christmas decorations, including trees from the other parts of the state, and a Christmas tree at the end of the year,” he said.

The Victorian Government wants local businesses to buy or build their trees and build them into decorations.

It’s a process that is already underway in a number of Victorian towns and cities.

But with so many businesses wanting to help out with Christmas decorations and decorations for Christmas Day, VETTA’s Mr Candon said the state was now looking to expand the program to include the community.

“Our aim is to get this done next year and then we would like to see other communities in Victoria participate in this program and build Christmas trees,” he explained.

“There are a lot and a lot is at stake in getting this program off the floor.”

The state has already invested $5 million into the program, and will use $7 million in federal funding to complete the project.

The program would see the Victorian Government purchase or build Christmas tree from local businesses and provide them a high quality tree, the Victorian Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (VDARA) said.

Customers will be able to get an estimated price for a Christmas Tree from VERTTA, and then be offered a choice of a choice from the Victorian State Tree Grower Association (VSGT) or a local business.

“The Christmas Tree Gardener Association (VTGA) and VTDA have been providing Christmas tree decorations and tree decoration for over 20 years and will continue to do so until the end.”

In the meantime, VTGA will continue their tradition of offering a Christmas gift for local businesses,” it said.VTGA general manager, Ian Ritchie, said the Victorian government was keen to provide a better Christmas experience for everyone.”VETTAs goal is to provide holiday decorations for the Victorian community and we feel this program will provide a very good Christmas experience to our local residents,” he told ABC News.”VTGA will offer Christmas tree decoration and decoration for Christmas day, and so we hope to provide our local community with a good Christmas.

“I think we’re really keen to help everyone in our community have a wonderful Christmas and it will be a great thing for the local community.”

The Victorian Christmas tree grower association has been supplying Christmas tree parts and accessories for over 30 years.

“All of our Christmas trees have been sourced from the VETTAS facility, we’ve been able to source from Victoria since 1999,” Mr Ritchie said.


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