A new Christmas painting by Basquiat is the latest thing to be unveiled at the New York art museum.

The painting is titled “The Merry Christmas Song,” and features a scene of three children in a sleigh, all dressed in red, snow and sleigh bells.

The kids are dressed in a white stocking cap with a red Christmas tree and white Christmas tree.

The first drawing in the painting was done in 1887, the second in 1909, and the third in 1938.

The paintings have been on display in the Art Institute since 1977.

The museum says it hopes the show will inspire people to get creative.

“We’ve heard so many wonderful stories about the magic of Christmas and the power of imagination and creativity that can inspire us to celebrate with friends and family and the warmth and joy of Christmas,” said New York Museum Director of Collections, Artistic Director Christopher J. Stanglin.

It is also a great opportunity for young people to discover this wonderful tradition, said museum director Christopher Stanglen.