I have to admit I was surprised to see the crop of cute painting colors this year.

There were so many.

I was also a little bit disappointed with the lack of a clear winner for my favorite of the bunch.

I did love the vibrant, vibrant, colorful body paint palette of the past.

But it didn’t take long before I realized the lack in color consistency.

It’s not the best choice for a summer party.

And it’s not for a serious work of art.

I wanted to see if the other options were equally as beautiful, so I picked up a couple of the colors.

Here are the best body paint color combos for the year: Bubblegum Color Pop Candy Color Pop Pink Blue Coral Coral Orange Orange For the best of the year, I also picked up two of the other colors from the same palette.

I love the color combo of pink and coral, which is one of my favorite body paint combos.

I love how it looks on the walls and the back of a dress.

I have been trying to incorporate pink and blue into my designs lately, but I don’t love the colors for a formal or romantic setting.

If you’re looking for a cute body paint combo for a romantic evening, you might want to pick up a few of these colors as well.

They look beautiful in a variety of situations.

You can also use them for your nails.

The coral color looks great on bare nails, while the pink color looks perfect on wet, glossy nails.

I’ve also been using them for decorative accents.

And finally, for a cool accessory, I got a necklace with pink and pink beads for a gift.

There are so many cool colors out there for body paint.

But I think the biggest compliment is the amount of fun they give you when you mix and match.

You can use them as a highlight, or as a decoration.

And for a really fun party, you can use these colors for fun parties or a little casual decor.