When you have a paint job on your car, it’s easy to get distracted from other issues.

But the most important part of cleaning your vehicle can be the paint job itself.

Here are some tips to keep your paint job looking great.1.

Never spray the paint on the windows.

The spray can damage the paint, making it harder to clean.2.

If you do need to spray the car paint, use a sponge instead.

The paint will dry much faster and stay wet longer, making cleaning easier.3.

Never leave your car unattended for more than a few minutes.

If it rains, you might not be able to get it to dry quickly enough to get rid of the spray.4.

Never touch the paint in the car.

Some people are allergic to paint.

You may not be, but if you do, avoid touching the paint.5.

Always wipe the paint with a soft cloth to prevent fingerprints and stains.6.

Avoid spraying the paint from the outside of the car with a paint brush.

If the paint is dry, it can chip.7.

Always use a soft, water-resistant cloth to wipe paint off the car, not your hands.

It may leave marks on your hands or clothing.8.

Never pour the paint onto the paintwork.

Paint can clog the paintjob.9.

Do not use a spray gun on the paint itself.

A paint gun is not good for painting.

It can damage paintwork and cause the paint to stick.10.

Never use a paintbrush to spray paint.

It could cause damage to the paint work.11.

Always remove the paint when the car is finished.

This can make your paintwork more difficult to clean, and the paint can chip and chip away.12.

Never soak the paintworks in the bathroom.

If a towel or towel-based cleaner is not available, use your hand to scrub off the paint as best you can.13.

Do your best to use a cloth to cover your paintworks.

A soft, clean cloth will help remove any dirt or debris from the paint and prevent any streaks or scratches from forming.14.

Never take off the front of the vehicle while driving.

This is especially important when you’re driving to and from work.15.

Never clean your car with water.

It will take longer to dry.16.

Never let the car sit on the ground for more then 30 minutes.

This will damage the car and damage the paints work.17.

Do a car wash.

A car wash removes the paint that is stuck to the carwork.

A hand-held sprayer is a good option.18.

Always check the paint if you’re going to the shop to get new paintwork or parts.

You might have to pay a bit more for new paint.19.

Never rub the paint out of your hands while driving your car.

This could leave paintwork on your fingers.20.

Never put the paintbrush on the car itself while the car isn’t in motion.

It’s a bad idea.21.

If your car needs a new paint job, do your best not to wash it too often.

It won’t last.22.

If an accident happens while you’re on the job, try not to run.

It might not look good, and you’ll end up with more paintwork than you need.23.

Always keep your vehicle clean.

If someone walks by, you’re probably not going to be able at all to clean up.24.

Never keep your car on the drive.

A small amount of dirt can build up, making the paint harder to remove.25.

Never go to the washroom while the paint will be dry.

It makes the paint stick.26.

Never try to scrub paint from windows or doors.

This may damage the windows and doors.27.

Never wash the paint off your hands before going to a carwash.

It is a bad time to do this.28.

If paint chips or chips away, you can get a clean and shiny coat of paint.29.

Never paint over your vehicle while it’s being driven by someone.

You can get scratches and marks in your paint.30.

Never, ever paint the paint yourself.

If that’s the case, you’ll be better off getting paint from a carpenter.31.

Never dry the paint using a spray.

The process can leave marks.32.

Never allow your car to be parked in the garage for more time than is needed to dry the car before going out.33.

Never run your car while it is not in motion or running.

It has a chance of getting wet.34.

Never brush paint off a mirror or door.

If there are scratches, it could damage the mirror or the door.35.

Never water your car before you wash it.

The water can dry the paints job.36.

Never dip the paint brushes into water before you brush it off. It

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