In this article, we’ll show you how to paint the Milky Way from scratch.

We’ll also show you some of the best ways to make Milky Way paintings.


The Milky Way is a collection of stars 2.

Each star has an orbit 3.

You can’t see all the stars in a painting 4.

The stars are all connected 5.

You need a ruler and a brush to draw the stars 6.

The colors of the stars are the same 7.

The star shapes are connected 8.

The shape of the Milky Wave is a fractal 9.

The colours are the exact same 10.

The shapes are all in the same direction 11.

There are a few ways to paint a galaxy without the help of paint brushes.


There is a good chance that your galaxy will look pretty but you don’t know how to do it.

Here are the ways to try it out.


If you’re going to try this technique, you might want to have a better idea about what your painting looks like before you start.


If the Milky wave is too big, try to scale it down.


If your galaxy is too small, you can try to add more stars in it. 16.

Make sure that you use a ruler that is not too long.


Make a selection of stars that you want to paint with the ruler.


You want to create a new selection of galaxies with a star grid.


If it’s too dark, try using a mask of a different colour.


Check the shape of your Milky Wave.


Make the selection of the galaxy that you are going to paint.


Make another selection of a more similar galaxy.


Make new selection by rotating the Milky Star wheel and selecting the star that you’re painting.


Paint your galaxy.


Click on the Galaxy painting button.


You should see a list of stars, like this: 27.

You will now see a few stars in the top row and the top two in the bottom row.

You may have to repeat this process for each galaxy you paint.


You now have a list in the middle of the screen.

Click the Star map button.


Click and drag to change the colour of your galaxy, the size of the Galaxy, and the shape.


Click “Save”.


The final result will look like this.