Ophelia is an artist and craftswoman, and is best known for her famous chalking artworks.

She’s been making chalk art for decades and she says there’s nothing more satisfying than using chalk as a base to create a new design.

“It gives me a feeling of achievement, you know?” she said.

“I can say, ‘I did it.

It’s not going to be easy, but I did it.'”

Ophelia paints with chalk and uses a palette of colours to paint different designs onto the chalk.

The key to Ophelias work is that it’s not about just a simple colour scheme, she says.

The key ingredients in Ophelios chalk art is a mix of white chalk and water. “

That’s what makes this art so beautiful, is you can see it with your eyes and your nose and your mouth and your ears.”

The key ingredients in Ophelios chalk art is a mix of white chalk and water.

To make it work, Ophelias chalking requires a lot of practice and time.

“Chalk is so fragile that it takes time to learn to work with it and that’s why I make it in the first place,” she said, adding that she also uses paint to make the chalking and she paints her chalk colours on a blackboard.

“When you put paint on a chalkboard it doesn’t look right on the chalk but you can put it on your desk and you’ll see a difference.”

Once you have this technique you can get really good.

“Ophalias chalk works can last for years.

She said the best way to paint the art was to use the paintbrush to paint it onto the paper.”

If you paint the chalk you can keep it as a canvas, you can use the brush to paint anything, you just need to know the technique of how to do that,” she explained.

If you want to learn more about art, visit Opheliya’s website, visit her Facebook page or listen to her podcast.


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